As Catalyst goes to press, the Bush-Blair war machine is cranking up. Such time can only bring more misery for millions of Iraqi's and others around the world. The Iraqi people have already suffered for years, from sanctions imposed by the west, adding to the terror they have endured under Saddam Hussain. It is worth remembering that the said dictator had the full support of the west, even when he was openly gassing Iraqi civilians in the 1980s. The truth is, it is all about oil, and the US throwing its weight around in the region.

War will no doubt result in US/UK ‘victory', and the subsequent installation of a military-dominated puppet regime which will guarantee cheap oil exports to the west in the future. How can Catalyst make such a bold prediction?! We need look no further than the last 150 years of western imperialism, and the tried and tested tactics of state terrorism that are the UK and US standard practice. As anarcho-syndicalists, we at Catalyst do not only oppose the war on humanitarian grounds, but also oppose it as part of our rejection of western imperialism, which has only ever had one winner – the boss class, and one loser – us, the working class.

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