Six anarchists from the ASI, Solidarity Federation’s Serbian sister organisation are currently imprisoned by the Serbian state.  Tadej Kurep, Ivan Vulovic, Sanja Dojkic, Ratibor Trivunac, Ivan Savic and Nikola Mitrovic are accused of  attacking the Greek embassy in Belgrade remain imprisoned, with (at time of press) no charges yet levelled at them.

The six have been targeted by authorities because of their politics and visibility, and face the ludicrous prospect of international terrorism charges - on the basis that as the embassy is sovereign territory, the attack had crossed an international border. The attack itself caused negligible damage, and has even been claimed by another group.  If international terrorism charges are brought, the Six face over 10 years in prison.

October 4th marked thirty days of detainment, at which point charges would normally have to be made or prisoners must be released. However, as the charge holds a sentence of at least ten years, they can be held for a further 6 months, before they even get to see charges.
Anarchists from across Europe have held a series of demonstrations demanding that their release, with demonstrations held at Serbian embassies and consulates in several countries, including Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway and Holland.  In Britain, members of the Solidarity Federation were joined by comrades from the Anarchist Federation and others for a series of demonstrations outside the London Serbian embassy.

This repression unfortunately demonstrates the lengths the state will go to the attack those it sees as a threat, and is a chilling reminder of the depths the state will sink to.  Unable to repress the work of the ASI in a conventional manner, they are forced to resort to an obvious fit up.  However, the situation does demonstrate that the work the ASI do is perceived as a danger by the Serbian ruling class.
Until the ‘Belgrade Six’ are released, it is important to keep up the pressure on the Serbian government, and not let this attack go unchallenged.  Further updates to the situation, and ways you can support the campaign to release them can be found at:

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