Wed, 25/01/2012 - 13:00 to 15:00


8 Chapel Street
L3 9AG Liverpool
United Kingdom
53° 24' 28.6992" N, 2° 59' 35.0556" W
Event organiser: 
Liverpool Solidarity Federation


ADECCO is the largest employment agency in the world. Beside profiting on precarity and casualisation, ADECCO and other employment agencies are fast becoming the go-to source for scabs and strikebreakers. Case in point: At the Asea Brown Boveri factory in Cordoba, Spain workers have struck over pay and conditions.

Besides sacking nine of the twelve members of the strike committee, ABB has now begun hiring scab labour from ADECCO. This disgusting behaviour must stop. Employment agencies have exploited us long enough. It's time for us to fight back. A win for workers at ABB, a giant multinational that operates in over 100 countries, will not only improve working conditions for Spanish workers, it will let employment agencies like ADECCO know that workers are willing to fight back against their unscrupulous practices.

Join us on Wednesday 25 January for a picket in solidarity with the striking ABB workers in Corboda.

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