At our national delegate council on 24/01/13, the Solidarity Federation officially recognised three new locals, in Calderdale, Hastings and the Solent. We also recognised a Belfast local as being in-formation prior to reaching a formal decision at national conference in April.

We also agreed to make regular donations to the Sparrow's Nest library in Nottingham which holds the collection of one of our members which stretches back to the Syndicalist Workers' Federation and is an important record of British anarcho-syndicalism. We will also be making a donation to the London anarchist bookfair collective and encourage others to do the same.

What is the National Delegate Council?

From our constitution:

The National Delegate Council reviews the decisions and mandates of the national organisation between National Conference and addresses any motions that Locals have submitted. National Delegate Council should not change decisions made at National Conference. 

It is to be convened at least twice a year in addition to National Conference and National Weekend School. As these are typically offset by 6 months, dates falling equally between these would be ideal unless this clashes with Regional meetings. It can be achieved by an online meeting.

 Delegates will be drawn one each from all Locals.

National Delegate Councils will have all the same powers, rules and majority requirements of National Conference, save for the ability to amend the constitution. Measures requiring constitutional amendment may be provisionally adopted and a motion tabled for National Conference to ratify or reject the provisional decision.

 Motions are to be circulated in the IB one clear month before the delegate council. 

Due to the lack of amendment procedure, locals are encouraged to discuss motions with each other prior to proposing them.