Imperialism is back with a vengeance. Before the brutal war against Iraq was even over, the US began issuing threats against Syria - clearly, the US government will not rest until the whole of the Gulf region along with its oil is under American control.

US and British firms are already fighting over the spoils of war. No sooner had Umm Qasr fallen than a bitter dispute broke out between P&O Ferries and US giant Stevedoring Services over who would get the $4.8 million contract for running the port. The contract went to the US firm. So much for the idea of a war of liberation, after which the Iraqi people will be allowed to run their own affairs. It is clear that the US is intent on building an empire in which US military might will make the world safe for US based capitalism. The US will extend its borders across the globe, bringing with it freedom and justice - the same freedom and justice which allows Nike to generate that much profit it was able to pay Michael Jordan $20 billion merely for endorsing its shoes - more than the annual salary of the whole of the Indonesian workforce. The US state plans to bomb its way across the planet - and it must be resisted. However, the campaign against war must be extended to a general fight against capitalism. As we enter the 21st century, imperialist war is set to be the primary means of extending capitalist exploitation. The link between war and the ever growing inequality between rich and poor (both locally and globally) is clear: War is merely a symptom of capitalism . As such, it is only when capitalism is overcome that the brutality that is war will end.

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