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Welcome to the website of the Solidarity Federation (also known as SolFed or SF-IWA). We are a revolutionary union initiative. Our ideas and activities are described in our magazine Direct Action, and our newspaper Catalyst. For a summary, see the Introduction to SolFed and What is Anarcho-syndicalism?. All members are affiliated to a Local Group and an Industrial Network, our Industrial Strategy and Constitution describe this in more detail.


Newcastle Office Angels Picket (13/05/11)


Comrades! belting success - dished out 200 leaflets, could have been
more. LOADS of messages of support from public. Was issued with a
statement from OA as soon as we landed saying Dan had been paid. I
think we've picked up on a real burning issue to people. 6 + me from
local anarchist group attended.
Statement taken from Newcastle Evening Chronicle, fingers crossed..

Office Angels picket: Liverpool

SF-IWA members in Liverpool held a picket outside the premises of Office Angels as part of a national week of action against the temping agency.

A comrade who took part in the action said: "This has been an excellent national campaign that I think is definitely a sign of things to come from our organisation. Hopefully companies like Office Angels will begin to get the message that the exploitation of temp workers will not be tolerated."

See more photos from the picket here.

London pickets

Today, the 11th of May, three London locations of Office Angels had the  pleasure of a visit by members of South & North London Solidarity Federation along with supportive action from ? The pickets were part of the weeklong national campaign being orchestrated by the Solidarity Federation in support of Dan, a worker who's been cheated by the Office Angels employment agency.

Thames Valley SolFed (Reading) Vs Office Angels: Round Three - TKO

On Friday 13th May Thames Valley (Reading) SolFed returned to the local Office Angels in support of Dan’s wage claim. By now people had begun to recognise us and in general the public were taking our leaflets quite happily. At 5-45 some of the staff from Office Angels came down and in contrast to the previous night's scuffle the mood was light-hearted. The man from the office who had sought to grab our leaflets came to apologise and tell us how much he respected our actions in support of Dan.

Office Angels Part 2

On Thursday 12th May members of Northampton solidarity Federation again picketed Office Angels in Northampon over their failure to pay Dan for 2 out of three days' work.

Leaflets explaining the issue were again handed out to intersted passers by, many of whom stopped to chat and asked what they could do to help.

The manager graced the picket with her presence and as last time didn't manage to raise her level of conversation above petty insult: this time telling the picket that it was all 'bollocks'.  We assume she's talking about Office Angels' act of asking someone to work three days and then only paying them for one!

More action to follow.

Oxford Pickets Office Angels

On Thursday 12th, Thames Valley Solfed leafleted outside Office Angels in Oxford, in addition to the pickets that we undertook in Reading.

We had about 10 people over the course of the picket, including friends of SolFed members who were passing & wanted to help out, a member of The Commune up for the day, and other Oxford locals. The office looked deserted at first but a member of staff came out & accepted our leaflet, but produced one of their own which deplored “the need for direct action”.

Office Angels picket, Manchester, May 12

Manchester SF picketted Office Angels on New Market, Manchester city centre on Thursday May 12 as part of SF’s national week of action against the Office Angels agency in a dispute over unpaid wages. Although management were unavailable for discussion, there was a pre-prepared OA statement branding our campaign of “direct action” as lies and, of course, painting themselves purer than pure when it comes to treatment of temporary workers. As elsewhere, we had comments from passers-by, some of whom have had dealings with OA and other temping agencies. We will be back during the upcoming international week of action against OA – for further details, please get in touch.

Thames Valley SolFed (Reading) Vs Office Angels: Rounds 1 and 2

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th May two members of the Thames Valley SolFed local leafleted outside the Reading branch of Office Angels as part of the nationwide campaign against the firm’s dodgy practices. Round one of the leafleting started on Wednesday at 9 am and included an imaginative re-working of the Office Angel's logo on the door of their building. On both days members of the public showed interest and often support for the campaign with at least 6 people saying that they would phone Office Angels to complain about their behaviour.

Office Angels - London pickets

Today, the 11th of May, three London locations of Office Angels had the the pleasure of a visit by members of South & North London Solidarity Federation along with other organisational support. The pickets were part of the week-long national campaign being orchestrated by the Solidarity Federation in support of Dan, a worker who's been cheated by the Office Angels employment agency.

Bristol: Police guard Office Angels Branch during picket

Bristol Solidarity Federation, with support from Bristol Anarchist Federation and Bristol IWW members, picketed Office Angels calling for the non-payment of wages to London temp, Dan.

The picket was surprised to find the local police had sent in advance two Community Support Officers. Why it was felt that the branch needed protecting was not explained to the picket.  A delegation were stopped from delivering a demand letter personally to the branch manager. Instead the police took this letter and a leaflet into the branch. The picket were forbidden from entering into any dialogue with staff from Office Angels.

Petty intimidation will not stop this campaign. The campaign for justice and payment in full for work done for Office Angels.


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