Publication date: 
DA #44
  • Direct Action; Inside this issue;
  • The Aims of the Solidarity Federation
  • Editorial - Privatising Profits, Socialising Losses
  • Have your say:
    • The Shock Doctrine
    • The Shape of Things to Come
    • Financial Crisis: What Happened? What Next?
    • Union Busters
  • Credit Crunches and Capitalist Calamities
  • Our Health, our Care, our Say? You must be Joking - reports and comment from the health and social care frontline:
    • Putting Profits First
    • Migrant Care Workers Abused
    • Battle to Save GP Surgeries
    • Comment
    • Housing Associations & Housing Benefit
  • No such thing as class?:
    • Health and Wealth
    • Tax Credits favour the middle class
    • Domestic Fuel: The Facts
  • Work, Buy, Consume, Die!: why capitalism needs the consumer dream and we don’t
  • Work is Slavery: unsavoury truths of the global capitalist production line
  • Anarchism, Fascism & the State
  • The Social General Strike
  • International:
    • (Canada) Farmed and Dangerous: the human and environmental impact of salmon farming;
    • (Poland) Lionbridge: International Solidarity;
    • (Serbia) A New Wave of State Repression;
    • (Argentina) IWA Day of Action;
    • (Greece) One Way Round the Recession;
    • (Argentina) Interview with Jacinto Cerdá F.O.R.A. General Secretary;
    • (Argentina) La Pérgola Dispute
  • Review - kate sharpley library:
    • Rebellious Spirit: Maria Occhipinti & the Ragusa Anti-Draft Revolt of 1945 (eds. P. Sharkey & A. Key)
  • Reviews - AK Press:
    • Free Comrades: Anarchism & Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917 (by Terence Kissack);
    • An Anarchist FAQ;
    • Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists and Vacant-Lot Gardeners Are Inventing the Future Today (by Chris Carlsson);
    • Address Unknown (by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor Simon & Schuster)
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - the roots of violence: economic and political relationships between war and gangsterism
  • Solfed/IWA contacts; locals; other local contacts; other contacts & information; friends & neighbours
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