Realizing Hope: Life beyond Capitalism (Michael Albert)
Zed Books 2006 – 208 pages – £14.99 – ISBN: 978-1842777213

Michael Albert is perhaps most renowned for his acclaimed exposition of participatory economics in Parecon and Moving Forward. In Realising Hope, his most recent work, he transcends the primarily economic framework of participatory economics, and thoughtfully applies the principles of equity, diversity, justice and self-management to wider domains of human organisation, interaction and experience.

This well constructed text critically evaluates the theoretical tenets and practical application of both marxism and anarchism (and their derivatives) in the contemporary world. The counterproductive and dysfunctional elements of each tradition are convincingly dismissed, while the more useful tendencies are discerned to good effect. The net result forms a fresh, but nevertheless pragmatic vision of a better world.

In sum, this publication deserves to be extensively read, debated and recognised, not only for the invaluable contribution it makes to our understanding of today’s society, but also of how a future beyond capitalism can be envisioned, constructed and practically realised.

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