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Direct action 47
  • editorial: Why Anarcho-Syndicalism Remains Relevant Today
  • A Contradiction at the Heart of Chaos - regulation of global financial markets to solve boom and bust is a non-starter
  • Occupy and Defy - the Visteon workers’ struggle and their union
  • Lewisham Occupation - a community fighting to save its primary school
  • Fujitsu Attack on Pensions
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - immigrant cleaners’: the “hard-to-organise” are self-organising
  • Breaking Isolation - domestic abuse and workplace support
  • The Big Green Con - seeing through the sham of “green” capitalism
  • our history: The Great Dock Strike of 1889 - for the anarchist movement, a significant event that turned abstract talk into what ultimately became anarcho-syndicalism
  • No Platform for Fascism - the BNP, despite “ordinary people” voting for it, is a fascist party and must continue to be confronted as such
  • have your say: Anarchism & Crime/ Crime / the Miami Five / Left Luggage/ English National Resistance
  • A Rebellious Tradition - is there cause for optimism amid greed, corruption & inequality?
  • international: the CNT vs. Ryanair/ General Strike for the Amazon/ Killing for Profit
  • reviews: Paul Mason - Live Working or Die Fighting and Meltdown/ Kate Sharpley Library - A Grand Cause; The Federación Anarquista Uruguaya and Salvador Puig Antich & the MIL
  • closer look: Seeing Sense in the Age of Stupid - alienation, power and the case for social transformation
  • DA resources: Solidarity Federation booklets, contacts, information and friends & neighbours
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