Anarcho-syndicalists around the world took part in actions and strikes against the war in Iraq co-ordinated by sections of the International Workers. Association (IWA). While small sections such as the Solidarity Federation could only take part in demonstrations around the country, the larger sections of the IWA could be at the forefront of actions, including the calling of general strikes.

In Italy, the anarcho-syndicalist union USI, along with other rank and file organisations, called a general strike on Thursday 20th March. It was estimated that over one million workers took part in the strike joining marches, demonstrations and blockades that brought many parts of Italy to a standstill.

In Spain, the CNT helped to co-ordinate a general strike on Thursday April 10th bringing many cities to a standstill. In Barcelona, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in a day of protest against the killing in Iraq and the permanent war. Many businesses were closed. Actions were continuing until the late evening.

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