Figures released by trade unions the TGWU and UCATT show that 104 people died at work in the North West of England in 2003-04, the highest of any region in England, Scotland or Wales. The number of major injuries at work during the same two-year period was 7,218, the second highest of any region. Not one single company director was prosecuted for these deaths or injuries.

In March 1996, when in opposition, Labour gave its support to a law for director liability when Michael Meacher MP said in Parliament, “Responsibility for health and safety must be vested at the highest level of each organisation. Companies should appoint an individual at board level with overall responsibility for health and safety.”

Nearly a decade later, there are still loopholes in law big enough to drive a high speed train through. No surprise that, as Labour has done nothing, there have been a catalogue of unsuccessful prosecutions against large corporations and only 6 successful prosecutions for corporate manslaughter in the past 10 years (all involving small companies).

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League table of people killed at work:

North West 104
South East 63
Scotland 61
Eastern 61
London 59
Yorkshire 54
West Midlands 53
Wales 48
East Midlands 47
South West 43
North East 27

League table of major injuries at work:

South East 7,538
North West 7,218
Yorkshire 6,344
West Midlands 6,233
London 5,846
Scotland 5,797
Eastern 5,215
South West 5,145
Wales 3,333
East Midlands 4,752
North East 2,756

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